Saturday, November 12, 2005

A Word from Ken Burt

"It seems like everyone goes through the
same "learning curve" when they decide
to try their hand at making money on the

They read, study, learn, join, lose money,
join again, lose more money, swear they're
never going to get ripped off again, join again,
lose more money, curse, slap themselves in
the forehead, join again, lose more money,
cancel everything, join again, lose more money...
and then they find us.

What makes IGAM different? Real people.
Real help. Common sense. Solid business
principles applied to a business conducted
on the Internet."

Ken Burt
Leader - IGAM

If you care to read a little about the author of IGAM, you can click below.
Even if you decide not to join this is a good story.

Click here: Dave Gray

I Give Away Money.

The secret to receiving is in the giving.
This is the heart of the biz.

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